Finding an agent for your Singapore property

I am looking to write two real estate blog articles on Singapore real estate. They should first select the real estate agent – one who will understand what they need and can navigate the system for them. We want to be YOUR Singapore real estate team of professionals!

“A property agent has a high fiduciary duty – a duty of trust and confidence. gives singapore commercial actual estate dealer services catering to the nationwide and local wants of the commercial actual property industryEvery content in this blog is purely our opinion of the Singapore Real Estate. By definition, a blog provides commentary or news on a particular subject e.g. Singapore Real Estate. It may be tough to attempt to navigate the Singapore actual property market alone. is the leading online Singapore property agent network, connecting Singapore property agents to tenants, brokers and investors. The content of this blog is written by property investors/owners to express our view of Singapore Real Estate. All currencies fluctuate – Conversion is based on the latest available rate from Singapore actual property is in danger of losing a few of its shine, because the market had slipped four positions in 2014, down from third place this 12 months.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Singapore office and this or other real estate offerings in the area. An agent must disclose all the material facts of any transaction – everything they know about the property, good or bad. Ee Ting Liow was first licensed as a property salesperson in 1985. Before even heading in the door what you will immediately notice are two things – how well the grounds are maintained and the striking front porch. If you’re considering real estate as a career, or you’ve just gotten started, these 3 secrets can make a difference in your probability of success in real estate.

An index tracking real estate developers in Singapore rose 0.3 percent at the close, the first gain in eight days. The strong recovery of the housing market is attracting international buyers in record numbers reaching $82 billion in 2012. Pedestrians cross a road in a estate in Tampines district, in Singapore. Property brokers in Singapore are appointed to handle actual property transactions which usually take a couple of months to finish.

For essentially the most part, there are not any official legal guidelines dealing with tenant and landlord relations – everything is dependent upon the person contract. It is important to note that Singapore real estate laws favor landlords with regard to rental properties. We specialize in ex-pat relocation – our professional team speaks English and is ready to help you today! It is the most important duty of any sales person or broker in real estate.

You won’t have to worry too much about finding an agent – you do need to worry about finding a good one.” The estate agencies created the exchange to provide validated listings. He specializes in residential and commercial real estate sales in whole of Singapore island. The decline may come as a surprise to many, given that the Southeast Asian capital is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.

Although real estate agents are doing their job, it’s important to find one that is looking out for your greatest interests.

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